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Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity

UK Business Unit Supports Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity

Since the Manchester bombing in May 2017, Manchester has felt a very different place. The people of this city are in-sync with each other, much more aware and much more thankful than ever that we have such an amazing community spirit, emergency service and dedicated medical workers of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity to help rebuild. The work done by the staff at the Manchester Children’s Hospital is non-enviable. The long hours, emotional rollercoasters and tireless graft the nurses, doctors and other staff put in to ensure the kids of treated there are getting the best treatment and support possible is outstanding. That is why Jonckers has chosen the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity as their UK based charitable organisation.

Jonckers Visit

Some of the Jonckers team were lucky enough to be invited to see where the contributions and support were being used to enhance the facilities at the hospital. Business Manager Joe, Office Manager Beth and Global Marketing Manager Richard attended a private show round where they got to see the fantastic work the charity does to upgrade the equipment, make the living quarters of the resident patients more homely and were amazed to see the standard of work put in to ensuring the kids are safe, comfortable and most importantly, getting the best treatment possible. ‘It was a truly humbling experience’ said Richard ‘to see some kids just carrying on regardless despite serious illness or injury, it puts a lot of what we see as day to day troubles into perspective.’ The UK team got to see the brand new X Ray Unit as well as the newly refurbished roof garden which allows the children who can’t leave the hospital a bit of respite in the fresh air.

“I have spent time in this hospital with my own son” Richard continues “and have friends who have now thankfully got children who have beaten cancer and serious illness thanks to the amazing work done here.” The UK and Global team will continue to support the charity and will be attending events throughout 2018 to help raise the profile of the charity.

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