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Launch your multimedia fast and efficiently Consistently reach, teach and engage Captivate your audience in their own language High-quality visuals, yet cost efficient? Efficient localization workflows Maintain your messaging in any format Consistency in brand voice, using advanced glossaries and style guides? Stop step-by-step translation processes to reduce turnaround times? Stop quotes on a project-by-project basis? Localize interactive materials Integrate workflows directly with Tridion Sites?

Translation challenges for multimedia & video


Lack of continuous localization: marketers are faced with project-by-project approvals for budgeting.


Marketers must stretch their limited budgets across all collateral, in all languages


Pre-launch security can be required to prevent pre-release information to the public


Lack of continuous publishing: multimedia is not translated and incorporated in the design format


Modern consumers connect with the ethos and ethics of purchases, so marketers must ensure their brand story resonates


Lack of continuous localization: project-by-project budget approvals


Lack of intelligent workflows to reduce manual project management tasks


Quality not 'publication-ready' first time around


Lack of control - no live data on project status, no quality control till all localization is complete


AI-powered with a human touch

Our WordsOnline platform combines machine translation with post-editing by our expertly trained linguists: offering the speed and agility of AI with the authenticity and quality of the human eye


Global reach within budget

Jonckers has been providing professional translation and localization services to some of the world’s best-known brands, including Amazon, Microsoft and Adobe, since 1994


Your personal dashboard

Stay in control and track your progress with intelligent insights into our smart, concurrent workflows for translation, review, proofreading and quality.

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Read how Adobe was able to localize more than 8,000 videos a year with intelligent workflows

  • 6 million localized words
  • 9 language combinations
  • Harmonized subtitles and voiceovers
  • 100+ certified linguists

  • 42 languages in 2020
  • 10 years of customer satisfaction
  • Range of sources
  • Scalability

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image Breaking out of your cloud is an eBook that delivers an understanding of the importance of online content in multiple languages. It's easy to forget that many potential buyers don't understand English and simply won't buy if it's not in their language.

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