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Jonckers Become iStudy Award Winners

Jonckers Become iStudy Award Winners

Winning any award is a coo for any business. However with certain publications now offering titles and accreditation in return for participation, it is refreshing for an awarding body to recognize the achievements and quality of a business, without seeking some kind of recompense. That is exactly what iStudy have done with their iStudy Gap Guide Awards.

The Birmingham based subsidiary of the highly rated iGap Travel brand, recently awarded Jonckers Best in Professional Translation Services for our work in the Student Sector. It is a pleasure to receive such an accolade as we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a reliable and reputable language service provider to the education and e-Learning industry. Multilingual learning is becoming more and more common and the advances in technology have only allowed students easier and more efficient access to native language materials.

Jonckers is extremely happy and privileged to be associated with iGap and thanks them for the award and their support. We promise to continue evolving and providing the best services we can to enhance any global learning projects we undertake.

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